Inclined guillotine scrap iron

Inclined guillotine scrap iron

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Inclined Iron Scrap Guillotine with an operating capacity of about 6 to 75 tons per hour can be supplied with one or two shear jacks depending on the installation of the machine.
These devices with a weight of about 250,000 kg are mobile on hydraulic jack stands and are complete with 2 side fins, single nut and automatic hydraulic system.
The inclined scrap guillotine comes standard with a 250 kW diesel engine, but an optional electric version is also available.

Advantages of inclined guillotine scrap iron

Inclined guillotine scrap iron

  1. It compresses heavy and light scraps before cutting and increases their density.
  2. Then it automatically and continuously cuts the desired lengths.
  3. Diesel engine and electric engine options are also available.
  4. The capacity is between 6-75 tons per hour depending on the model.
  5. It has high capacity through continuous feeding of scrap.
  6. Short and Stroke program (line as thick as scrap)
  7. Remote modem troubleshooting and repair system for fast service
  8. Non-contact sensors without deviation
  9. Special oil filtration system for trouble-free operation
  10. Automatic lubrication
  11. Optional mobile or semi-mobile applications
    Strong and heavy body
  12. Heavy cylinders with high quality (hardened shafts and chrome coating, special pipes)
  13. High quality hydraulic and electrical parts; Linde, Rexroth, Parker, Atos, Siemens, Telemecanique, Phoenix Contact
  14. Hydraulic unit design that produces with low electricity consumption
  15. The original hardox wear plates

Dimensions of  sloped iron scrap guillotine:

the dimensions of the device according to the table provide

Characteristics of inclined guillotine of scrap iron

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iron scrap guillotine
iron scrap guillotine
iron scrap guillotine
iron scrap guillotine