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Design, production and export of industrial machines
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Production of recycling and production line machinery
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Phoenix Makran Gulf Company

Phoenix Makran Gulf Company is registered in the Qeshm Free Zone with more than ten years of experience and connections with other industrial machine manufacturers abroad and inside the country, which forms a complete set to meet the need for investment and suppliers along with free consultation.

Phoenix Makran Gulf Company is in the factory of designing and manufacturing industrial machines in Shiraz city with the aim of establishing this factory to design and manufacture special machines. Among these machines, there are two-shaft shredders, single-shaft shredders, guillotines, and hammer shredders, preheated non-ferrous metal blinds, fixed and lead furnaces, tilt furnaces, and all iron and non-ferrous metal recycling production lines.

If you are looking for the most reliable design of industrial machines, you can visit Phoenix Makran Gulf company and share your requests with us. If you need a guidance session to buy the desired product, contact us

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