Design, production and sales of Double shaft shredder

Design, production and sales of Double shaft shredder | Waste shredder

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The double shaft shredder is an environmental protection shredder for reducing the volume of solid waste, which consists of a cutter housing, a frame and a conveyor belt. Its dual shafts are independently driven. During production, the motor drives the main axis of the cutting chamber through the pulley, so that the shredder blade rotates with the blade holder body attached to the main shaft to achieve the feeding function. The various soft and hard wastes that enter the cutter chamber are crushed by cutting, tearing and compression between the blades, and then filtered through the chamber floor to get the material of the required size. Shredder is used to crush, cut and compress large pieces of material into small pieces of material, which is useful for reclamation and recovery of materials. It is used for crushing, cutting and compressing large-sized materials into small ones, resulting in the regeneration and recovery of materials.

Advantages of Makran Phoenix Gulf Double Shaft Shredder

1. The two-shaft shredder machine is controlled by PLC through automatic detection, warning and automatic reverse load addition, which can be adjusted and controlled automatically.

2. Heavy moving blade, high crushing power, the tools are made of alloy steel and wear-resistant mold steel, which have a long service life, the blade thickness and the number of teeth can be changed according to different materials.

3. Thick frame plate, high torque resistant, very strong.

4. The two-shaft crushing equipment is designed with the features of low speed, high torque, low noise and low dust, complying with environmental standards.

5. Wide range of functions, can crush different materials.

6. Easy adjustment, low maintenance cost, economical and durable are the features of our production shredders.

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Double shaft shredder
Double shaft shredder
Double shaft shredder
Double shaft shredder
Double shaft shredder
Design and production of Double shaft shredder blade