What is the waste guillotine?

iron scrap guillotine

What is waste guillotine or waste scissors?

Inclined iron scrap guillotine with an operating capacity of about 6 to 75 tons per hour can be supplied with one or two shear jacks depending on the installation of the machine.

These machines with a weight of about 65,000 to 250,000 kg are mobile on hydraulic jack stands and are complete with 2 side fins, single nut and automatic hydraulic system.

The inclined scrap guillotine comes standard with a 250 kW diesel engine, but an optional electric version is also available.

Thanks to high-performance cutting blades, reliable gearboxes and a main body made of the best steel, our shear products can be the best tools for recyclers and steelmakers to turn scrap metal into a valuable resource.

Scrap shears are designed with a cutting force of 6 to 75 tons per hour. They have different dimensions and according to the customer’s order. Click the button above to see the full details. This device has a box, remote control and steel base. Scrap scissors are designed and manufactured in a wide variety of models to perform various operations.

iron scrap guillotine

Refer to the link below for free advice and to order all kinds of guillotines or scrap scissors.

Guillotine scrap shears are commonly used in medium and large-scale metal scrap recycling sites, steel mills, metal processing plants and other places.
We are a manufacturer of iron shears – Phoenix Makran Gulf Hydraulic Machinery is specialized in producing all kinds of scrap metal recycling equipment in shredders, scrap metal shears, etc.

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